The Hart Solution LLC and Melissa L. Hart President offer a broad range of human resources consulting and organization development consulting services, specializing in leadership development, executive coaching, training support in designing organization structures, high performance work teams, recognition systems, team diversity and development, and HR processes and practices in Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe and Mesa Arizona as well as global HR/OD consulting.

Founded in May 2006, The Hart Solution LLC is a holding company located in Arizona and is comprised of two distinct operating units: The HumanVantage® Consulting Group and Hartfelt Designs. Please read below to learn more about these organizations. All correspondence for these businesses should be directed to:

PO Box 11803
Tempe, AZ 85284

480.782.1822 (Office)
1.800.351.9633 (Toll Free)
480.370.4161 (Mobile)
435.604.8257 (Fax) (E-mail)

The HumanVantage® Consulting Group

The HumanVantage® Group is a managerial consultancy and organizational development firm. We specialize in helping organizations by optimizing the three key vantage points of their business: the individual employee, teams of all types, as well as the broader organizational perspective.

Our services are broad and vary depending on our clients' needs. Some examples include strategic planning, leadership development & coaching, organization design and effectiveness, change management, performance management and 360 reviews, talent development and succession depth creation, as well as customized training workshops.

As part of The HumanVantage®, our Job and Career Transition Division, Purposeful Paths helps individuals at all life stages (including our youth and midlife) learn more about their values, personal preferences and unique skills. We offer resume development, interviewing skills and job assimilation services.

The Human Vantage® Consulting Group
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Hartfelt Designs

Hartfelt Designs is a retail and publishing company, and the proud publishers of "Max and the Diaper Fairy" ® 2009, by Author Melissa L. Hart. Our book is based on one mom's true story of how she potty trained her son--now over 10 years ago! Max gains the strength and courage to use the potty after he learns that babies all over the world need his un-used diapers. The Diaper Fairy helps him understand that by helping others, we become strong. This is truly a delightful and uplifting story where your little one will embrace both the gift of imagination, and the power of giving.

As part of this publication, we have partnered with Diaper Banks of America to encourage diaper donations and the growth of diaper banks across our country. Be sure to visit our on-line store to view other fun and reinforcing apparel items for your special toddler. There you will find great gift ideas for baby showers, birthdays, and the holidays!

Click here to see Max and the Diaper Fairy on ABC Channel 15's Sonoran Living Show that aired on January 19, 2010. The interview was an introduction of the delightful and fun, new potty training book, "Max and the Diaper Fairy".

Max and the Diaper Fairy
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